Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Red Menace

This is a tough guy soviet soldier I designed last year for 007: From Russia with Love. Do to non-disclosure agreements and what not I havne not been able to show any of that work until now. So I'll sprikle in the occasional Bond stuff here and there. The art director on this game thought that the face (on the full figure) was a little too stylized. So he asked me to do a more "realistic face with a hat and to change the wife beater to a regular t-shirt for some computer geometry reason", so here's the revised mug and fruit of the loom tee.


Annie Fix said...

Я люблю ваши грубые русские ванты. Это одно смотрит очень грубым и серьезным.

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

Diggity Dope. Someone around here is a badass, and I think that someone is Colin Fix. Da-yum!

ps - Annie Fix is also a badass, and she knows her way around a Russian dictionary, it looks like.

The Pencil Box said...

Here it go,
Red Menace face would definately look all stylized if he polished a bottle of Smirnoff lickity split...that's real. But revisioned Menace does have a more smarmy tempermant what with his blood stained shirt after arm wrestlin one of those russian olympian swimmer women....! phhhht. -W

dave yee said...

Dope stuff as usual Mr. Fix!

Bruce Glidewell said...

Yo Playa Partna,
Diggity diggity dope. I one upped ya on the diggitys Balps. Thats how I roll.

These are awesome Colin, can't wait to see more old stuff. I think I prefer the wife beater to the ol' fruit o'da loom. But thats just me. Both bad ass though.