Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Steve Tuttleman

This sonofabitch is a game programer at a small video game developer. He's a wiz with code n' shit, but is socially retarded and doesn't realize it, or doesn't appear to realize it. He's an insecure guy in his everyday life, but when's he's at work he's the alpha geek. Steve is very good at what he does and loves being a condescending dickhead to those who work with him. He reads D&D books and "Hard Sci/Fi". He publicly dismisses the Harry Potter books, as "mildly interesting for kids" but internaly dreams of going to Hogwarts someday. I hope that someday Steve will touch a woman's breast. As anoying and creepy as Steve can be he's really just a sad guy who needs boobs in the face.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Rat Bones

Here's a self portait. Man I'm fat. As of this posting, I'm going on a diet, and bustin' out with some exercise. "Take a good look in the mirror" they say. Try taking a good lookin in the mirror and paint your mug, you'll discover things like- "holy shit, I'm a real fatty" or "my headphones are silly big".

Enough fat talk. The symbol behind my head is a blast from the past. It's a Powell Peralta logo for some skateboard wheels called "Rat Bones". Son of a bitch, me and my buddies used to draw that damn logo everywhere, on skateboards, ramps, bus seats, books, etc..... I went on the internet to look at some old skate deck graphics, and hot damn, I used to love that shit. I didn't realize it at the time but that stuff really inspired me artisticly. Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Steve Steadman, Rodney Mullin, these skate decks were the fuckin' shit. I never really wondered who the artists were that did the artwork on these decks when I was 11 or 12, but I've now discovered that a lot of these pieces where done by a guy who goes by VCJ or VJC (i found both orders of initials online). His stuff kind of reminds me comic book artist Brian Bolland, a little bit.......anyway if you know anything about any of these old school skate graphics dudes, let me know. I'd apreciate it. ZAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!