Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dinner's Ready!!!

I'm currently in Australia and accidentally left my "messy" sketchbook at home. I've got a "crappy drawing" sketchbook with me but it's just not the same. So I had to get some "3rd floor flavor" (sjsu reference) out of my system, hence this lil' number. It's a throwback to the kind of thing I was doing early on in college with mixed media and craziness in the darkroom. Dave McKean was once of my biggest influences during this time. Bon Appetit!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Here's some of the work I did for Disney's "A Christmas Carol".

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bioshock 2 is Out!

Here's some character design work I did for the Brute Elite and the Brute for Bioshock 2. I worked on this project for about 2 years and it was a blast. The game hit shelves yesterday as did the "Art Of" book. You can only get said art of book in the Bioshock 2 Limited Edition. With the Limited Edition you get the game, the 168pg art book, the score and more! The art of book is a humdinger and features such artists as Dermot Power, Seamas Gallagher, Annie Fix, Josh Viers, Alex Munn, Craig Sellers, Lorraine Rocha, Marc Gabbana and many more!!! And check out Cult of Rapture for all your Bioshock 2 related news and goodies!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Subject Delta

I just got this fancy action figure in the mail today. It's based on my design for the Player Big Daddy, "Subject Delta" for Bioshock 2. Neca made this bad boy, and I gotta say they did a fantastic job. Speaking of Bioshock 2- The Bioshock 2 launch trailer debuts tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It was done by Blur Studio and looks pretty sweet. They did a bang up job on it.

Charity Auction

Here's a piece o' art I did for Brownstones To Red Dirt Postcard Art Benefit. The theme was pen pals. I had a pen pal in the 5th grade named Jaime (If I'm remembering correctly). I remember having a little crush on her. I wonder what ever happened to my pen pal...... Anyway it's always so exciting to get something you've been waiting for in the mail. This little guy is no exception. The auction will be happening in March. There's tons of sweet art to buy so be on the look out for a piece you might want to purchase. Here's the blog with the art- And here's a link to the Brownstones website-