Friday, March 31, 2006

James Bond Jr.

More 007 artwork........ I was asked to design some non playable characters (NPC's) for the "Istanbul" level of From Russia With Love. They were to be non threating city goers, and I figured that it'd be nice to have some characters who were younger than everyone else in the game so I came up with this fella. His sandals are based off of a crappy pair of brown sandals I was forced to wear when was 3 or 4. The art director and head character modeler dug the design, but due to budget restraints they couldn't build another skeleton for the game. This little guy never saw the light of day until now.


The Pencil Box said...

This some realistic undercover jr. bond shit art directors are all sleepin on. Man, this lil dude is on the playground, spittin mad game at the monkey bars, talkin bout, " I'm Bond Jr. bitch,buy me some friggin milk...daaaam. - dub

Annie Fix said...

I really dig this kid, mister. And you did an excellent job making him look authentic with the sweet sock-sandal combo.


the wife

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

This little guy looks like quite a non-threat-buddy-type. Mission accomplished! He's awesome. If they couldn't use this guy in the James Bond game, maybe he can be the new Terminator. He'll specialize in pulling people's hearts out through their backs. It'll sell millions, our 7 year old nephew assures it.

Tony Trujillo said...

hey colin, your work kicks ass. there's nothing more to say.


Bruce Glidewell said...

Yo Big Pimpin'
This lil' cat is sweet. You did it!

Dub -P, that comment was friggin hilarious!

Anonymous said...

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