Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hellboy gives back to the church.

On December 2nd Maverix Studios will hosting yet another fund raiser for a good cause. This time it's for Glide Memorial Church. The proceeds from the charity art auction will go directly to their Children's Creative Arts Media Center. Here's a link to Maverix's blog for updates-

I'll be donating this piece entitled- "Hellboy n' Shit".

When I found out about the auction I didn't have a clue as to what my piece would look like. So I just whipped out a piece of matte board and started slappin' down some acrylic paint, India ink, acrylic gloss medium and torn newspaper pieces . I then took a photo of of the acrylic/ink chaos, cut the photo in to pieces and glued it back on to the matte board. Next I took a blurry photo of Venetian mask my wife and I have in our art studio and glued that to the matte board. At this point I still had no idea where the fuck I was going with this. I then drew a face on the blurry mask photo, threw in some stars, started slappin' some paint around, added a cig, and what not, then scanned it. After futzing around in Photoshop for a while, this guy kept saying to me "dude, I'm Hellboy, hey, it's me, Hellboy", so I finally agreed with this red feller, "yeah, he is Hellboy." So I Hellboyed him up a bit, printed it out on a big ass piece of paper, and that's where I'm at now. Next up, I'm going to mount it to a piece of Masonite and finish it off with some acrylic paint and various media. I'll post that when it's done.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Here's some examples of the concept work I did for Robert Zemeckis's Beowulf. I spent about two years working on this film and I learned quite a lot during the process. If you want to see more concept art for Beowulf check out The Art of Beowulf. There's a lot of great work in it from my friends at Iceblink Studios who did all of the concept art for the film.
Beowulf: Final Portrait


Key Frames

Wulfgar: portrait, Hrothgar: final portrait

Wiglaf Portraits, young and old.

Wiglaf, Unferth: final portraits

Unferth portraits, young and old.

Unferth: costutume design, portrait

Ursula, Grendel's Mom, Yrsa: final portraits

Grendel's Mom: foot design, character design, portrait

Grendel's Mom (mermaid form): character design

Grendel's Mom: portraits

Grendel's Mom: keyframe

Wealthow/Grendel's Mom: transformation

Jester: character / costume designs

Jester: paint treatments

Grendel / Hrothgar's decapitated head

Beowulf's Son Dragon transformation a and b

Dragon c

Hondshew tattoo studies

Breka: final design

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sketchbook Post 47-50

It's been sometime since my last post (swamped with freelance). But I have been able to squeeze in a some time in my sketchbook during lunch, my commute, etc......