Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sketchbook Post 104


Ronnie said...

Gruesome bro \m/

The Gurch said...

wowee dude! your style is just astounding. This is perfection when it comes to suggestion different materials, it looks so real and familiar and yet so alien! The rest of my day is gonna look so mundane in comparison to this moment )-:

The Gurch said...

whats it painted with and at what size?

The Gurch said...
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Colin Fix said...

Thanks Ronnie :) Hey The Gurch- this is painted with Woodcraft Markers, a Whiteout pen, india ink, prisma colour pencils, and a jelly roller pen. Hope that helps!

Karl Lindberg said...

Awesome as always!

Phattro said...

I love this spread you sick sonofa...! ;)

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