Friday, May 27, 2011

Sketchbook Post 99 & 100!

To celebrate this 100th sketchbook post-  YOU GET A CAR!!!!!  YOU GET A CAR!!!!!!!  YOU GET A CAR!!!!!!!!!!  EVERYBODY GETS A CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my heart.


Ben Greene said...

bawwwwwww...i really could use a car for realz. Well, at least the art help, some.

Xavier Yabut said...

These are really cool character designs! Great work!

Unknown said...

i like the black fatty myself ^^

Unknown said...

Wouhouuu a car ! Your blog is a happiness for eyes.

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

Wow. I LOVE these. Especially the guys with the stripey arms.

Greg Bossert said...

that screeching sound in your chest is me: i'm doing donuts in my car in your heart.

Phattro said...

These guys are fantastic! I want!

shane oakley said...

just one of your sketchbooks will do me - brill!

sabrina said...

ok well obviously everyone loves your do you think i do??of course!!you are CRAZY good.....o and could you put the car on hold?i have a couple more years..haha:)

Unknown said...

wow, these are awesome! I still vividly remember flipping through one of your books out in front of the video store several years back when we were both at kerner. in person, there is an undeniable presence to them!
-erik d.

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