Friday, May 11, 2007

If I ever have a daughter.......

I would be greatly saddend if she became a stripper, or a zombie.Hey you guys (all three of you that frequent my blog, including my wife) should check out "The Image Depot" , the unoffical art blog for Image Movers Digital. I've posted this piece on said blog. You can another zombie piece I did at The Fish Barrel . They asked that some of us at Image Movers post some zombies on their blog, and so in order to kill two birds with one stone we've made our first blog subject zombies as well.

Have a spicey day,



Doug Williams said...

Friggin' awesome man. I was just dealing with something that had zombies in it yesterday. I totally would have stolen this if I had seen it!

I really like your 'refined looseness'. Where as I always kill a piece (in not the good zombie way, but the shitty art way) you always keep your pieces alive and fresh. Awesome-atasic man.

eyekaps said...

I'm diggin' the pallete here. cool beans.

Jeff Adams said...

I think she was my prom date.

Keep on keepin' on Colin.