Monday, June 05, 2006

Rat Bones

Here's a self portait. Man I'm fat. As of this posting, I'm going on a diet, and bustin' out with some exercise. "Take a good look in the mirror" they say. Try taking a good lookin in the mirror and paint your mug, you'll discover things like- "holy shit, I'm a real fatty" or "my headphones are silly big".

Enough fat talk. The symbol behind my head is a blast from the past. It's a Powell Peralta logo for some skateboard wheels called "Rat Bones". Son of a bitch, me and my buddies used to draw that damn logo everywhere, on skateboards, ramps, bus seats, books, etc..... I went on the internet to look at some old skate deck graphics, and hot damn, I used to love that shit. I didn't realize it at the time but that stuff really inspired me artisticly. Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, Steve Steadman, Rodney Mullin, these skate decks were the fuckin' shit. I never really wondered who the artists were that did the artwork on these decks when I was 11 or 12, but I've now discovered that a lot of these pieces where done by a guy who goes by VCJ or VJC (i found both orders of initials online). His stuff kind of reminds me comic book artist Brian Bolland, a little bit.......anyway if you know anything about any of these old school skate graphics dudes, let me know. I'd apreciate it. ZAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!


Ian said...


Lawrence Mai said...

Hot damn, that's a nice portrait Colin. Whatcha be using? Painter?

Colin Fix said...

Yes, I'm using painter, with an iddy, biddy, teeny, weeny dash o' Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art (Paperback)
by Sean Cliver

it can be found on amazon. check it out.

Annie Fix said...

I love you, mister. And you are not "a real fatty" as you say, either. You are my handsome man.

About your painting, very dope.....but caution: objects appear larger in your painting than they actually are in life!

Annie Fix said...

PS: those headphones are "silly big" ;)

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

colps, I think you meant to call yourself "phat". Look at that damn painting of yo-self! Phat as a mofo, day-uuum!

porquinho-diabo said...

Damn. I love you, Fix. The second I saw this one, I thought about skating in the drive way, Beastie Boys on the boom box, Nathan Wright (was that his name?) fucking up his run by landing with one foot off his board after some trick and trying to say he did it on purpose. Fucking good times.

As for the artists... I'd suggest talking to Zott's friends Nick and Darren. They might have some insight as they have worked on the art side for a lot of skate companies. I do know this though... The Rat Bones shit was done by some dude named Craig Stecyk. That other dude, VC Johnson, also goes by Cort Johnson.

Word up.



Colin Fix said...

Jasmine- Thanks for the tip on the book.

Dos- Shit yeah! Those were the days. Nathan Walker, I believe the dude you're thinking about. And thanks for the leads on this skate art hulabuloo. Rock and or Roll!

porquinho-diabo said...

Walkher. Shit. How could I forget? I feel like a dick. Wooollld.

enikob said...

i got about 4 books on old skate decks and their art. holla at ya boy enikob

Anonymous said...

VJC stands for V. Courtlandt Johnson one of the main artists reppin the bones brigade. my friend works for powell and says VJC is his bosses brother.

Believe it or not san jose state has a link to powell-peralta. I was in Leroy's life drawing class a semester back and had noticed that a dad and his daughter were taking the class together, one day the dad comes up to me and says: nice shirt, referring to my steve caballero Tee.
i say: mind your own business old man before i shank you with my spoon(dramatization).
he says: you skate.
i say: listen up old man, i hold in my right hand a homemade shank stick, if you dont want to know how inmate 74531 felt back in 94' you better watch your step(dramatization).
he says: you like steve cab, thats my brother.
i say: nothing cause my jaw just dropped.
he says: yeah since thats my brothers shirt i want it back.(dramatization)
i say: no way old man.(dramatization)
long story short i end up shirtless and shivering trying to draw in Leroy's class, but i still see steve's bro walking on campus.

a good link for deck art is at

Unknown said...

very cooool painting!

Ron Bowman said...

that's one of the most original self portraits I've seen. Very cool.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Only found your work today Colin, linked from Florian Satzinger's site... also only found a book just last weekend on one of my favourite artists - Jim Phillips - who did my favourite t-shirt in the '80s - a bright pink Rob Roscopp with a full back 'ugly man' design. He also did the screaming hand design.

Skate, yeah, I wish, knees won't take it now, saving up for new ones, when they come out, then, my knees will probably take it but my back won't, in which case I'll need a new back, then my back might hold but my head won't in which case I'll need a new head, then, if I grab hindsight by the scruff of the neck right now and do the whole rig up front I might have some fun.

Great work Colin.

Caleb said...

Cool site. Ya, VCJ or Vernon-Courlandt Johnson did most of the Powell Peralta stuff. He's hard to find online. The other skate artist I dig besides him is Jim Phillips, his site is here:

Dreamzville said...

I got a link to your page while I was trying to track down V. Courtlandt Johnson. I didn't know he was a famous skateboard artist! =D
I have his business card from about 1994 when he lived in Santa Barbara. I actually met him at a party where he did psychic readings. Really good ones. Where IS that guy!?

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