Friday, November 16, 2007


Here's some examples of the concept work I did for Robert Zemeckis's Beowulf. I spent about two years working on this film and I learned quite a lot during the process. If you want to see more concept art for Beowulf check out The Art of Beowulf. There's a lot of great work in it from my friends at Iceblink Studios who did all of the concept art for the film.
Beowulf: Final Portrait


Key Frames

Wulfgar: portrait, Hrothgar: final portrait

Wiglaf Portraits, young and old.

Wiglaf, Unferth: final portraits

Unferth portraits, young and old.

Unferth: costutume design, portrait

Ursula, Grendel's Mom, Yrsa: final portraits

Grendel's Mom: foot design, character design, portrait

Grendel's Mom (mermaid form): character design

Grendel's Mom: portraits

Grendel's Mom: keyframe

Wealthow/Grendel's Mom: transformation

Jester: character / costume designs

Jester: paint treatments

Grendel / Hrothgar's decapitated head

Beowulf's Son Dragon transformation a and b

Dragon c

Hondshew tattoo studies

Breka: final design


Unknown said...

Fucking sick bro. Absolutely amazing, each one of them. I ADORE Grendal's head, fantastic!

And Breka was one of my fav characters, wish there was more of him. love his design, how I envy you :)

Def. got to pick up the book, thanks for these!!

Adam_Pintek said...

Thx for sharing the goods!
definitely awesome stuff.

Unknown said...

All the art work done by the great artists at Ice Blink over the past 2 yrs is far superior to the screen images - get 'The Art of Beowulf' for a visual feast. Congrats to one and all!

Dave McNeal said...


steve hui said...

unbelievably sick as hell! stuff looks amazing and inspiring dude.

Marc said...

Great stuff! Interesting designs and sweet sketches.

Annie Fix said...

these all rock! congratulations on being a pimp!

Anonymous said...

So amazing. Did you have models for some of these paintings? They are just so spot-on full of life.

Jesse Lee said...

I haven't seen a severed head painted so beautifully since Gentileschi and Caravaggio.

Beowulf turned out really well IMO, and it looks like it was even more fun to design for.

Great work. Pretty much always...but yeah, great work.

Doug Williams said...

Fuck yes! I've been waiting to see these. I saw some of your work on the featurette. That Unferth portrait is awesome, they all are. man this must have been a blast to work on. Incredible!

eyekaps said...

great work here. I especially love the Wealthow/Grendel's Mom: transformation sequence. nicely done man, nicely done!

The Pencil Box said...

ok dude my balls done kicked it all artsy like with the one, two, buckle my beowulf!!! congrats c.fix gonna check it out soon and wait for the credits.

Sho Masanao Katayama said...

thanks for sharing these. awesome.

zoo said...

very nice, really great great seems that you mix some techniques?do you want to share some "secrets"?

Lawrence Mai said...

like ann said, you're a pimp.

allen etter said...

WHOA! WOW! I will definitely go see this movie now!

Ron Bowman said...

Holy s...! This work is incredible!!! I haven't dropped in for a bit and I can't believe what you've put up since the last time I've been here. I've got to get the making-of book now.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you're a bad ass. I don't think I say it enough. I promise I'll rent the fucking movie now. Sorry I didn't before.


Carl Tucker

Anonymous said...

great site, i just love the images you have done.

check out this artist cos hes doing somthing very similer

Izzy Medrano said...

Your work is brilliant, man. Furthermore, I'm a big fan of the personality behind these writings/ titles, and ideas. You've got it going on, brother. And I, like so many others, love it!

Anonymous said...

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