Friday, February 18, 2011

Circus is Comin' to Town

Personal project of mine that I first came up with while taking one of Barron Storey's illustration class at SJSU many moons ago.  Barron is one of the best instructors I've ever had and one of my biggest influences as an artist.   The top two images I did recently, the bottom image is one of my thumbnails I did while in Barron's class.


JoseArtist said...

Great job man, really.

Check this place for artists

Best regards

Lorraine LeBer Rocha said...

I love these! Dope, dope, dope.

Jaime said...

The first one I can say I like! And I hate circuses so it must be good!

Ben Greene said...

Oh man, these are tasty. Love em all!

Annie Fix said...

I have always thought you should turn this story into a book or something, Mister! I love the imagery!! would make for a neat movie pitch too ;)

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